Lee Daniels Comments On "Beef" With Jussie Smollett Over R. Kelly

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Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett says his legal woes are not the source of his problems with Lee Daniels

(AllHipHop News) Jussie Smollett is starting to tell people that his “Subway” incident was not the main reason why he and "Empire" show creator Lee Daniels do not speak.

An insider told Page Six, that between the two of them the “relationship is nonexistent, and it was tense even before Jussie’s attack incident.”

Well, what could be the reasons for this so-called “nonexistent” relationship?

According to this insider, Smollett was letting the success of his character go to his head by bad-mouthing Lee Daniels to the Fox executives.

And Lee Daniels supposedly wanted the show to include songs written by disgraced singer R. Kelly and also perhaps write for Smollett’s actual record.

“It was things like that that did not sit well with Lee,” said the insider. “He [was frustrated by] Jussie because he was constantly going over his head to Fox about their creative differences.”

The Hollywood mover and shaker released a statement that asserted that this so-called “insider” doesn’t know what he is talking about.

“The information regarding my relationship with Jussie prior to his departure from ‘Empire’ is false… I have no personal or professional relationship with R. Kelly. I never have.”

Last year, Jussie Smollett was charged with filing a false police report after he claimed that he was attacked by white MAGA hat wearing bigots in Chicago, while he was going to get a subway sandwich in the middle of the night.

The racist and homophobic assault was later proven to be false. Charges were dropped, but later a special prosecutor went back and reviewed the case again.

New charges were filed against him in February.

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I can’t stand Lee Daniels he was wrong for what he did to Jussie and I believe he did have issues with Jussie before he was attack I mean look how he did star.Praying for you Jussie and I know that as long as you have god on your side you can’t go wrong you know what really happend not no one else.


@Dr.Death if jussie should do jail time for a "non-existing" person than surely #45 will be his cellmate (what's the total of the dead bodies in america as i type)! the leader of our country stood with a straight face telling us the lethality of the virus was a hoax!


What’s the point of this..?
Lee doesn’t like him... but he didn’t like him well before he set up a fake hate crime. Ok.... So he saw he was a piece of shit before he showed the world.

Dr. Death
Dr. Death

Juicy is gonna' get a lot of Beef in jail.