Left Brain of Odd Future Formally Charged with Assault of Female Photographer

(AllHipHop News) Odd Future rapper Vyron "Left Brain" Turner has been formally charged with assault of a young photographer lastw eek during a show in New Orleans last weekend.

Photographer Amy Harris claims that she was assaulted during a show last week in New Orleans, at the Voodoo Festival.

Left Brain picked up a misdemeanor charge for hitting Harris in the head, breaking her camera and leaving a mark on her face.

The charge carries a sentence of up to six months in jail and maximum fine of $1,000 in the state of Louisiana.

While initially it seemed that Amy Harris wouldn't press charges after statements made on her website.

Harris has re-evaluated her stance in a statement posted on her website.

"The unexpected turn of events, including an attack by Odd Future on my credibility and motives for discussing the incident, have caused me to re-evaluated my initial decision," Harris wrote.

The concert promoters have even spoken out about this event and have shunned the violence by the group members towards the media.

"The VOODOO EXPERIENCE does not in any way condone the behavior of Odd Future towards the approved media assembled in the photo pit during the band's set yesterday," promoters said about the event. "Festival organizers would like to apologize to their media guests who experienced and/or witnessed this abusive behavior."

Earlier last week, the group also was removed from New Zealand's Big Day Out Festival, after promoters said gay rights groups in Auckland were opposed to the group's controversial lyrics.