Legal War Bubbling In Detroit Over Eminem's Backwards E

AllHipHop Staff

Eminem will have to fight to use his logo on a clothing line.

(AllHipHop News) Rap superstar Eminem has hit a roadblock in his bid to trademark his E13 clothing line.

The "Stan" hitmaker filed his petition to reserve the rights to the name, which features a backwards 'E', last year, but fashion designer Clement Brown has since taken issue with the request, because he has been running his own Three Thirteen store in Detroit, Michigan for the past eight years.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Brown has challenged Eminem's trademark, expressing concerns about brand confusion, but he insists it's nothing personal as they both represent the same city, where the area code is 313.

"As culture creators, it's necessary for us to protect our intellectual property," Brown explained. "It's imperative that we have rights when it comes to our ideas. It's imperative that we have ownership of our creations."

Eminem partnered with apparel company Carhartt to launch E13 merchandise in 2016, and plans to fight to defend his trademark filing, his attorney, Barbara Friedman, tells the publication.

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Area code 313? It's Michigan, right? It's better to write it nearby because it's quite hard to remember all the codes. By the way, if you need to find a city by any area code then go to this site and check it.


well it can only benefit him if people buy his gear thinking it's Eminem's lol