Lenny Kravitz: It Is Time For a Love Revolution

It’s no government conspiracy that the main undertaking of Lenny Kravitz’s sound is the revival of classic rock. Nearly twenty years ago Kravitz suggested Let Love Rule [Virgin] and on his eighth studio album he’s telling us It Is Time for a Love Revolution [Virgin] – so, it’s alright if you’re getting a case of déjà vu. Also, it’s been almost ten years since a Lenny Kravitz album, in its entirety, was a hit – the last one being 5 [Virgin], which spawned 3 hit singles. Two studio album releases after 5, with a hit here and there, he proved it didn’t matter. Ironically the '60s and '70s rock and roll sounding It Is Time for a Love Revolution is packed with hopeful messages much like Barack Obama’s political platform and released during a time the country’s is deep in a war that’s immensely controversial. Kravitz seems set on bringing on the radar a type of passion and political activism that’s not been seen since the Vietnam days with “Back In Vietnam.” But even in its most stern moments Love comes across very whimsical and almost peppy. A mood primarily heard on “Dancin’ Til Dawn,” “Bring It On,” and “Love Love Love.”“Good Morning” harbors a sonic resonance to “It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over” and Robbie Williams’s brand of British pop. Seemingly, The Godfather of Soul was channeled for “Will You Marry Me” as it brings to life a funky “Ugghhh!” that will immediately make you blurt, “Jame Brown!” The hippie rock messages of optimism are embodied in “If You Want It” and “Love Revolution.” The stellar “I’ll Be Waiting” does string in Lenny’s signature ballad style, but does it with a sense of freshness that other artists of his level do by being irrelevant. It’ll be easy to hear that Lenny couldn’t wait to use these political tribulations to rock out and get his Led Zeppelin on, which makes this project fun to listen to. Plus, he’s got the musicianship chops to do whatever he well pleases; just check the guitar solo on “A Long and Sad Goodbye.” Still, it would have been pleasant had it made him just as focused on writing the profound lyrics It Is Time for a Love Revolution required for it to be a smash, if even less preachy. Guess baby smash for the already-made fans will have to do – nowadays, any smash is just as good.