'Life Support' Starring Queen Latifah Debuts In Detroit Tonight

HBO, Comcast, and the Detroit Chapter of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS will host the Detroit premiere of the Jamie Foxx produced film, Life Support, starring Queen Latifah.

The invitation only screening takes place tonight (Feb. 28) at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit.

The night will also feature guest appearances by writer and director of Life Support, Nelson George and actor Wendell Pierce ( Ray The Wire ), who plays the character 'Slick" in the film.

Life Support tells the story of HIV-positive Ana Wallace (Queen Latifah), a former drug abuser who channels her regret over her past addiction into working for an AIDS outreach group called Life Support.

Ana's character is based on Nelson George's sister, Andrea Williams.

The movie also stars Anna Deavere Smith ( The West Wing ), Evan Ross ( Soul Food ), Gloria Ruben ( ERi ), Tony Rock ( All of Us ), and Tracee Ellis Ross ( Girlfriends ).

The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA), founded in November 1987, informs, coordinates and organizes the volunteer efforts of Black leadership, including clergy, elected officials, medical practitioners, business professionals, social policy experts, and the media to meet the challenge of fighting HIV/AIDS in their local communities.

Life Support debuts Mar. 10 on HBO.