Lil B. Signs With Amalgam Digital; New Albums On The Way

(AllHipHop News) Controversial rapper Lil B. has announced a new deal with Amalgam Digital and will release a digital-only solo album titled Angels Exodus. Lil B., who utilized the Internet in 2010 to raise his profile over the course of 2010, is 1/4th of Bay Area Hip-Hop group The Pack, who hit big with their song "Vans."The rapper's antics ranged from threatening to rape Kanye West and comedian Lil Duval, to beefing with Joe Budden, to being on assaulted during an interview in a viral clip that was circulated around the Internet. He utilized the attention and released videos like "Looks Like Jesus," "The Pretty B**ch Is Back," "Paris Hilton and "Ellen DeGeneres." Angels Exodus is the prelude to his full length album, Glass Face, which will also be released via Amalgam Digital. “This is Lil B. Shout outs to Amalgam Digital, they been ahead of this for a while. We are putting out these two albums called Angels Exodus and then Glass Face. It’s going to be historical works of art with these albums," Lil B. told in a statement today (December 29th). "On Angels Exodus it’s going to be real Hip-Hop and sticking to the script. I’ll be going far outside of the boundaries and staying far away from the script too," Lil B. said before taking a swipe at Lil Wayne. "The Glass Face album will live up to it’s name. These albums are something everyone will understand. They are the reason why I’m 10’ tall and everyone else is just 6’7’’…no diss. You know I love everybody,” Lil B. continued. Angels Exodus is due out via digital retailers on January 18th, while Glass Face is due in stores and at www.AmalgamDigital.