Lil Boosie Earns GED While Incarcerated at Angola Prison

(AllHipHop News) A picture of Lil' Boosie surfaced on the internet with the Baton Rouge rapper holding a GED earned at Angola Prison in Angola, Louisiana.

Currently Lil' Boosie is incarcerated for eight years, for trying to sneak marijuana and other substances into the notorious jail that also currently houses C-Murder, currently serving a life sentence.

In an article with Spin Magazine, Boosie details his life behind bars, updating his fans on how he is coping with the sentence that could end as early as this summer or as late as 2014.

"It's been hard at times. Some guards hate me with a passion and it shows in some of the things," Lil Boosie said of his years spent in prison.

"Some guards come to work full of hatred for inmates. I think they do that because their household is miserable or they're just tired of working. When I first got here, I was a ticking time bomb. I've been done bad by some guards, but there's people here who have been done worse. They do have some cool guards here though. As far as inmates, I'm respected. It's just like the street -the real respect me and the fake are Boosie haters."