Lil' Cease & Junior Mafia Plan DVD Explaining Involvement In Lil' Kim Trial

Lil' Cease and

Junior Mafia are preparing the release the follow up their debut DVD, "Chronicles

of Junior Mafia."

The second

installment of the DVD series is titled "The Chronicles of Junior Mafia

Part II: Reloaded," and will feature the group explaining their involvement

with the Lil' Kim trial.

“We're giving it to y'all real raw, real uncensored, straight to DVD,"

Cease told "It's about the whole Kim case, all the mixed

words going out about [how] we told [on her] and this and that."

Cease, as well as other rappers and executives in the music business present

during a broad daylight shooting in 2001 that left a man wounded, were subpoenaed

to testify during Lil' Kim's federal perjury trial.

Lil' Kim was convicted in March of 2004 on three counts of perjury and one of


The charges stem

from an altercation and shooting that occurred between members of Lil' Kim’s

entourage and a group of men traveling with rap group Capone-N-Noreaga, in front

of Hot 97’s New York offices in 2001.

Kim was accused

of lying to a grand jury about her knowledge of the shooting and initially told

a grand jury that she did not know the gunmen involved in the shooting.

Her former

manager Damion Butler and an associate, Suif “Gutta” Jackson, were

convicted of being the shooters during the melee.

Jackson has already been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the


On the stand Kim admitted to prosecutors that she knew both men, but maintained

that she had cut them out of her life due to shady business practices.

During the trial, testimony from witnesses, videotaped evidence and testimony

from the gunmen themselves helped the federal jury convict Lil’ Kim.

The rapper will

likely serve time in prison and is facing a maximum of 5 years for each count

when she is sentenced in late June.

Cease said the DVD, which is in the process of being edited, will exonerate

him from charges that he turned on his former band mate.

"I went and got all the evidence, all the paperwork to show what really

happened," Cease revealed.

“Chronicles of Junior Mafia II: Reloaded” is tentatively scheduled

for a July release.