Lil' Cease/Lil' Kim DVD Court Drama Continues

Former Junior Mafia

members Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease continued their battle over a tell-all

DVD about Lil’ Kim’s perjury trial yesterday (Oct. 5) in court.

Lawyers for Lil’ Kim have been given until next Wednesday

to convince a New York judge that former group member Lil’ Cease should

not release "The Chronicles of Junior Mafia Part

II: Reloaded," which features the Junior Mafia’s version of incidents

in Lil’ Kim’s perjury trial.

Lil’ Kim was found guilty of lying about her knowledge

of a broad daylight shootout in 2001 in front on Hot 97 in New York that left

one man wounded.

She is currently serving 366 days in a Philadelphia prison lying

to a federal grand jury about the shooting, which grew out of a heated rivalry

between her entourage and men associated with rapper's Capone-N-Noreaga.

The incident grew from a rivalry with rapper Foxy Brown, who

had released "Bang Bang" dissing Lil' Kim on CNN's album The Reunion.

"It's about the whole Kim case, all the mixed words going

out about [how] we told [on her] and this and that," Cease explained to as the DVD was being planned.

In July of 2005, Lil’ Kim filed a lawsuit in Manhattan's

U.S. District Court seeking $6 million dollars in damages from her former band


She was granted an injunction blocking Cease from releasing

the DVD.

Lawyers for Lil’ Cease stood before Federal Judge Jed

S. Rakoff yesterday and argued that the DVD has removed references to Lil’

Kim from the cover.

Cease’s lawyers also said the DVD has news value and is

a documentary. Rakoff said he would OK the DVD’s

release unless Lil’ Kim’s lawyers could provide new evidence by

October 12.

Lil’ Kim’s album The Naked Truth hit stores

Sept. 27 and debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album’s Chart.