Lil' Eazy-E Arrested For Gun Possession

Rapper Eric "Lil'

Eazy-E" Wright Jr. was arrested near Compton, California last night (June

10), after authorities stopped vehicle for a traffic violation and found him

to be in possession of a firearm police officers said.

Wright and two

other unidentified men were also arrested, one for possession of a firearm and

the other for a probation violation.

According to arresting

officers, Wright, 22, was carrying a gun when he was arrested, as was his companion.

According to the

Associated Press, the incident involving Wright, who is the first born son of

pioneering rapper and Ruthless Records founder Eric "Eazy-E" Wright,

is now being investigated by authorities for carrying the weapon.

His father helped

launch "Gangsta Rap" into the mainstream with his pioneering group

N.W.A., which included super-producer Dr. Dre. The label also launched the careers

of numerous pioneering rappers, including Eazy-E, Above The Law, The D.O.C.,

MC Ren, Ice Cube and others.

Wright released

his debut album Prince of Compton earlier this year.