Lil Eazy E Responds To Daz Accusations

In the wake of Daz

Dillinger’s remarks to, Lil’ Eazy-E, son of Eric

"Eazy-E" Wright, has come forward to clear his name regarding Daz’s

accusations that the N.W.A. founder’s son was a neighborhood snitch.

“First and foremost,

I’d like to clear that up," Lil' Eazy-E told "On

my mama, I never been a snitch ever in my life. From where I’m from, when

you speak – you sleep in the streets. This b***h ass n***a’s speaking

on some s**t in the streets, which he don’t know nothin’ about,

which I’m a leave in the streets. As far as Daz go, he’s an old,

washed up ass, b***h ass man. Anybody that got any problems with me, holla at

me. It’s Compton.”

Lil' Eazy said that Daz'

comments stemmed from the fact that he didn't sign with Daz' DPG Records.

“The n***a tried to

put a cloud over a real n***a. Just ‘cause he’s not a real n***a.

He’s mad because [I] didn’t sign with no punk-ass DPG Records. It’s

a washed up label!”

Lil’ Eazy E’s

untitled album is coming this spring.

It features appearances from Nate Dogg, Bone-Thugs & Harmony, with production

by Mel-Man and Bud’ha.