Lil Flip Car Accident Reports False

Lil Flip's long time manager and attorney Sandy Lal has come forward to shoot down reports that his client was involved in a near fatal car accident in Southwest Texas.

Lal's denial contradicts a number published reports, which stated that the Houston, Texas rapper's car was totaled in a serious accident on Tuesday (June 3).

The bogus news reports stated that Lil Flip was sent to the hospital, where he was treated for neck, back and wrist injuries, which Lal said was totally untrue.

"Lil Flip was not involved in any accident," Sandy Lal told "He's very healthy [and] just returned from overseas touring. He [Lil Flip] will begin working on his next album very shortly."

Lal also denied reports that Lil Flip was harboring a grudge against fellow Texan, Bun B. or New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne.

He stated that Lil Flip was focused on recording the untitled follow up to 2007’s I Need Mine.