Lil' Flip Fans Scammed By Fake Promoter Get Refunds, Con Artist Gets Jail Time

Hundreds of fans who purchased tickets to a bogus Lil' Flip concert in

Indiana can now receive refunds after the man who promoted the concert plead guilty to two counts of theft.

Police eventually tracked a credit card used by Scott Elkins to a hotel in Nebraska and arrested him for promoting the concert at Vigo County Fairgrounds.

Lil' Flip said he never agreed to the performance.

Those cheated by Elkins identified him in a police lineup as the man who pulled up in a white limousine to collect ticket proceeds.

Police received evidence that Elkins planned to pull the same scam in other cities and connected him to failed concerts featuring Lil' Jon as well, in Texas and New Mexico.

Elkins, who also used the alias Peter Schwartz, was sentenced to 45 days in jail, given two years probation in 2005 and ordered to pay restitution for the Lil Jon scam.

Those who purchased tickets to the Lil' Flip concert can redeem their ticket stubs at the Vigo County Clerk's office inside the courthouse for a full refund.