Lil Flip Responds To TI

Houston rapper Lil Flip has issued a detailed statement to rebuke TI’s comments against him during a concert in Atlanta, Georgia.During his performance, TI dissed the Houston, Texas lyricist and showed pictures of him in a green leprechaun outfit, often seen on his first album. Flip, who was scheduled to go on as the headliner, never had a chance to perform, as the event was quickly ended."I hear TI is on stage with like 20 of his men supposedly ready to confront me when it was my turn to take the stage,” Flip said in a statement. “First of all, I was late and it was supposed to be over. At that point the police and the venue people kept us off the stage, they were gonna shut it down and leave.”Flip said that TI was on the stage angry, claiming that he was the "King of the South."Rather than claiming the throne for himself, he gave the title to one of rap’s living legends.“Everybody knows the real king of the south is Scarface,” Flip said adding that he didn’t even know TI. “If we wanna talk who’s hotter, I’ve been all over the mixtape scene, now I’m all over the mainstream scene, off the strength of my own hustle. A lot of people have been coming at me, and I really don’t have the time to address all of them. Like they say; mo' money mo' problems.”Despite the insults hurled at him, Flip said that he didn’t need any more attention being drawn to himself.In March of 2002, Lil Flip was shot and wounded as he was leaving a Houston recording studio.“I’ve been in so much beef in my life, I’m happy to be here and still be living. I don’t know if dude’s been through half of what I’ve been through. I’ve been living with some real demons in my life, and niggas that know my story know what’s up so I don’t need to do anything extra to draw more attention to myself. I mean, I hear he’s calling out my peoples Luda and DTP too so I guess it’s just part of the game for him, a publicity stunt to move some more units. I guess he’s just mad cause I f*ck with everybody else in ATL but him. Look at my album; I got Pastor Troy, Luda, Killer Mike and Baby D. ATL is like my second home.”While TI claimed that Flip started the troubles at shows in Atlanta by bad mouthing him while he was incarcerated, Flip stated there was a more frivilous reason for the friction.“I guess he’s mad ‘cause he did a verse for the Game Over remix and I didn’t use it. Bottom line, I’ve put in my time. If he wanna take it there, I mean he got a team, I got a team too, so its whatever. Otherwise, go find another way to sell records ‘cause I am selling records.”