Lil Flip Starts Label, Sucka Free CEO Says Rapper Still Signed

Lil Flip has started

his own record label, Clover G Records and said that he is no longer signed to

Sucka Free Records.

The announcement

comes amidst a falling out between Flip and Sucka Free CEO Duane "Hump"


"Flip has

gotten so greedy behind money," Hobbs told "Flip has

burned a lot of bridges in the South, thinking he's Tupac, acting all big headed.

It's crazy."

Hobbs suggested

that Flip refused to let other Sucka Free artists perform with him and felt

that he deserved most of the proceeds for concert appearances.

"Flip's daddy

got outta jail and started booking shows and collecting the money," Hobbs

said. "His daddy said that Flip was tired from touring and needed a break.

I gave him a few days off and then I find out that Flip is doing a big concert."

Hobbs said he confronted

the rapper, who denied the charges. "I sent some people from the label

behind him on a later plane. They catch him on the stage performing. He sees

the boys from the label and tells security not to let them in."

Flip agreed the

falling out was due to money. "If you say that we spent a million dollars

on something, I want to see that," Flip told "If we

cool and you my homey, show me everything."

Hobbs called the

situation unfortunate, because he was simply trying to allow his upcoming acts,

Lil Ron and Young Red to gain exposure.

"We been doing

this together for seven years," Hobbs said. "They helped you get your

writing straight. I can see me and him falling out cause I wouldn't let him

do the young boys like that. He's probably been doing this to the young boys

for the longest. The song on the "2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack is Red and

Flip. Flip had the relationship with the people at Universal and he has the

people thinking he's on the song by himself. Universal is stupid cause they

can't tell it's two different artists. so now I gotta fight for Young Red's


Hobbs vowed to

fight the entire situation in court, if the two men do not resolve their differences.

"I told Sony

and Flip 'I got a label deal, not an artist deal.' I hope it doesn't go that

far. The only way we gonna left him off Sucka Free is if Sony buys me out. He

came to me as a child in middle school. I raised him and got him to where he

is to this day. Go grab your lawyer and let's get this sh*t cracking. It's only

gonna hurt Flip as long as I got the contract."