Lil Flip To Sell Double CD For $5.99

Houston rapper Lil Flip is selling his major

label double CD debut, A Living Legend, for $5.99. The LP, which hits

shelves 8/27 on Sucka Free/Columbia, is being sold for 2 weeks at a lower price

to thwart bootleggers and increase sales in the sluggish economy. "It's

a sales gimmick," Sucka Free Records CEO Duane "Hump" Hobbs told

the Houston Chronicle. "We're doing it to increase our sales in the first

few weeks. This is a marketing and numbers game. To win, you gotta have both."

Flip signed the major label deal after selling

almost 150,000 copies of The Leprechaun. "Everybody else's double

is $10 or more," Flip told the Chronicle. "Bootleggers go out and

get that and sell copies. But when the album is just $5, why bootleg?"

"The economy for music is bad right now.

We're hyping this album any way we can," Sucka Free Records CEO Duane "Hump"

Hobbs continued.

The music industry is trying to cope with the

first decline in music sales in over 10 years and come up with ways to combat

the popularity of file sharing sites like the defunct Audiogalaxy and Napster,

both of home were targeted and closed by the RIAA.