Lil Jon Deal With Universal Republic Confirmed

Grammy Award winning multi-platinum rapper/producer Lil Jon has inked a unique, multi-faceted deal with Universal Republic Records, the label announced today (October 8).The groundbreaking deal will encompass the full scope of the Crunk pioneer’s ten plus years of experience in the music business.“Lil Jon is a larger than life figure who casts a giant shadow over every facet of the entertainment business,” Universal Republic Records President and CEO Monte Lipman said in the announcement. “His name is synonymous with brand-building and we want him plugged into multiple Universal Republic platforms for maximum results. I view him as our Urban Music Czar!”As an artist, Lil Jon’s first project will be the early 2009 release of Crunk Rock, his long-awaited first album without the East Side Boyz.In addition to joining Universal Republic’s roster of artists, Jon will also serve as an in-house producer and A&R consultant for the eclectic label, which is also home to Amy Winehouse, Chamillionaire, 2 Pistols, and Damian Marley to name a few.Lil Jon will also helm his own imprint as part of the agreement, though it has not yet been determined if he will bring over his BME Recordings brand, which launched Lil Scrappy, Crime Mob and is home to E-40.“I’m excited to find a new home in Universal Republic,” said Lil Jon. "They’ve got a great team over there. A lot of big things comin’ from me, get ready! I been workin’ hard on my new material and it’s time everybody hears it.”The announcement comes two months after Lil Jon was released from the remainder of his artist contract with TVT Records, which was purchased by The Orchard in June.As part of a content partnership between Jon and the Orchard in August, the King of Crunk was able to walk away with the rights to his master recordings for Crunk Rock.The company did retain the rights to Jon’s back catalogue, which they plan to reissue digitally.Lil Jon also continues to work with the Orchard’s Brand Entertainment group, providing A&R and production support to the company’s artists and labels.Drawing from his experiences with brands like Oakley, Subway, Heineken and his own Crunk Energy, Jon also works with agencies to develop lifestyle-oriented marketing and promotion programs.He is also enjoying great acclaim with his Little Jonathan Winery venture, which he launched officially in April, after premiering the brand as a private label.