Lil' Jon Dismisses 'Fake Beef' With Usher

In response to rumors of alleged hostility toward R&B sensation Usher,

Lil Jon has fervidly denied that he harbors ill feelings for his

fellow Atlantian.

"Usher and I are good friends. It's just haters trying to stir some

negative bullsh*t up because we've had such a big year," Lil Jon said.

"We've made history together [with] no. 1 records, non-stop radio play

and a bunch of awards."

The rumor first appeared last month in the gossip section of the New

York Post. Sources reportedly told the paper, "Lil' Jon seriously

hates Usher. He feels like he was responsible for the success of

"Yeah!" He produced the song and sang on it. He likes to mock Usher by

saying his name in a little high voice and calls him 'Baby Usher.'"

Other publications then reported on Lil Jon's alleged animosity over

the chart-topping "Yeah," featured on Usher's latest multi-platinum

album Confessions. But Lil Jon said future collaborations with the R&B

star are forthcoming.

"We're looking forward to more hit records and we're definitely gonna

keep it crunk in the New Year."

Lil Jon's single "Lovers & Friends" from his recently released Crunk

Juice album, features Usher and Ludacris and is currently no. 4 on

Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

The single is expected to claim the top spot on Billboard's Hot Rap

Tracks this week.