Lil' Jon, DJ Paul Talk 'Act A Fool'

Producers/rappers Lil' Jon and Three 6 Mafia have teamed up to release "Act a Fool," the latest single from Lil' Jon's upcoming album Crunk Rock.

According to Jon, the song is reminiscent of the Beastie Boys' 1986 hit single, "Fight for your Right to Party," and the Internet will play a vital role in promoting the song.

"We been hanging out in Los Angeles a lot lately since they out here working on their reality show while I'm working on Crunk Rock, " Jon told "With the new single, we are trying to break a record on MySpace."

"Act a Fool" has been listened to over 300,000 times on Jon's official MySpace page.

"We have been counting down the days [until Crunk Rock] like New Years Eve," Jon said. "We have already tied up the MySpace servers with so much traffic coming to one place at one time."

According to DJ Paul, Jon and 36 Mafia will continue their working relationship based off of the success of "Act a Fool."

"The world has been waiting on this collaboration," DJ Paul told "We got another one together on the new Three 6 album [Da Last 2 Walk] dropping in February. The world is about to hear a lot of Hypnotized Minds and BME collaborating."

Lil' Jon's Crunk Rock is due in stores on Jan. 9.