Lil Jon Inks Label Deal With Warner Brothers

Rapper Lil Jon

is fast becoming the king of cameo appearances, has locked in a deal with adult

film company Video Team to promote his own line of adult films and recently

inked a label deal with Warner Brothers.

The Atlanta rapper

heads up BME Entertainment, which stands for Black Market Entertainment.

"We got artists

signed already. Me and three friends I grew up with own the label," Lil

Jon told "Trillville has their hit song 'Neva Eva,' that's

really killing Atlanta right now. We also got Lil Scrappy and his song 'Head

Bussa' is killing the south."

The rapper is no

stranger to the game, having led all of Jermaine Dupri's "So So Def Allstar

Compilations" to gold status while serving as VP of A&R at the label

for seven years.


used to see me everywhere he went, at all the clubs," Jon continued. "I've

known JD for a while. Once I saw him at a club and he told me he was going to

give me a job."

It appears Jon

learned well under JD's tutelage and said that him taking his label to Warner

Brothers was purely motivated by his business sense.

He said the move

was strictly business and had nothing to do with the turmoil surrounding TVT,

the lawsuits they filed against Def Jam and the rumors that TVT's owner, Steve

Gottlieb, was looking to sell the label for $20 million dollars.

"I'm still

signed to TVT as an artist, but we have other situations that we took advantage

of. Kings of Crunk is on TVT and we are trying to push that platinum,

Oobie is coming and so is Chyna Whyte."

Lil Jon &

The Eastside Boys Kings Of Crunk is an album that features an allstar

cast of rappers, including 8Ball & MJG, Petey Pablo, Mystikal, Trick Daddy

Ying Yang Twins and others.


not really considering ourselves rappers, so we got the best rappers in the

game to get on the tracks," Jon said. "We do our chant thing, make

the beats and let other people who really rap do the rap. We wanted to work

with people who we wanted to work with, who we admire and whose music we admired.

We went into it like we're going to make a hot-ass album."