Lil' Jon Launches New Crunk!!! Energy Drink

Lil’ Jon hopes to grab a bigger percentage of the energy drink market when his Crunk!!! Energy Drink launches a new citrus flavored line this summer.

While Lil’ Jon is on a recording hiatus as TVT Records goes through its bankruptcy proceedings, his Crunk!!! Energy Drink brand continues to grow.

The new lemon-lime flavored drink will debut in a new yellow and green can.

Also, Crunk!!! has expanded its distribution and can now be found in stores in Los Angeles, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

“We takin Crunk!!! to another level,” Lil’ Jon told “Citrus is the best damn tasting energy drink you will ever have!”

In addition to a new multi-level marketing program to launch the new line, Lil’ Jon is also planning a Crunk!!! Girls 2009 calendar.

“With the continuing popularity of the pomegranate flavor Crunk!!!, we are thrilled to be introducing Crunk!!! Citrus to the market this summer,” added Tom Mahlke, President and CEO. “Crunk!!! Citrus is the only energy drink on the market with an all natural lemon-lime taste and the renowned Crunk!!! bite. The strong consumer demand is driving the success of the Crunk!!! brand, and is the reason we keep opening new markets on a regular basis.”

Crunk!!! Energy Drink was launched in 2004 by Lil’ Jon and beverage industry mogul Sidney Frank.

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