Lil Kim And Russell Simmons Challenged Due To Magazine Cover

Lil Kim and Russell Simmons are being challenged

by the National Director of Project Islamic H.O.P.E., Najee Ali, for the December/January

2003 cover of Simmons' One World Magazine. The cover features Lil Kim wearing

a Maroon burka-like head piece, the traditional head covering for Muslim women.

“That this magazine ran with Lil Kim on

the cover like this, is totally unacceptable” Ali told in

a statement. “Russell Simmons has stood with Louis Farrakhan and had him

host Hip Hop Meetings for peace. Does he want to build bridges with the men

of Islam, but disrespect the women? I don’t think so. It is part of every

Muslim man’s duty to defend the integrity of the women in our community.

They need to apologize immediately, as there is no justification for this whatsoever.”

Kim is also quoted as saying "F*ck Afghanistan,"

by photographer Alexei Hay in the issue.

Kim is gearing up to release her latest album,