Lil Kim Denies Involvement In Shooting


Kim has denied any involvement in the wild shooting

outside of Hot 97 in New York City. At least 22 shots were fired,

which wounded Efrain Ocasio, 31 in the back. According to the

police report, Lil Kim left Hot 97, where a party for DJ Clue

was being held 15 minutes before the gunfire erupted, around

3:15 in the afternoon.

According to the

NY Daily news, beef started when a group detectives believe

are linked to Lil Kim became involved in a confrontation. There

were at least six men — three on each side — involved

in the dispute.

Rapper Lil' Kim

however, is now denying this report. ``Lil' Kim and her security

had nothing to do whatsoever with the incident,'' the rapper's

manager, Hillary Weston, said in a statement Monday. ``Kim had

no knowledge of any argument nor what instigated the gunfire.''

``What we rap about

is what we live,'' Ocasio told the Daily News. ``I guess some

people want to test that, to see if it's real or not.''