Lil Kim Drops Queen B Royalty Watch

In recent years, Lil’ Kim has exemplified the glamour that has overtaken Hip-Hop’s female upper crust and now she is letting the culture know what time it is with her own line of watches.

The Queen B Royalty Watch, the rapper’s signature line, will flaunt an alluring design with a face that is bordered with replica diamonds. Additionally, Kim helped design the initial watches.(Click here for pictures.)

Previously, Kim already endorsed several products including Old Navy, Mac cosmetics and Louis Vuitton. She also hopes to enter the Hip-Hop footwear market, currently occupied by Baby (Lugz), 50 Cent (Reebok), Jay-Z (Reebok) and others.

The 4'11" lyricist and her penchant for life’s finer things hasn’t always benefited her. While en route to last year’s BET Awards in Los Angeles, $250,000 in jewels were stolen from the rapper. These items included her pricey “Queen B” necklace and several platinum dog tags -- all stolen from a Louis Vuitton bag. A man was later captured after he allegedly attempted to extort money from Kim in exchange for the money.

In April, Lil’ Kim (real name Kimberly Brown) was charged with perjury for lying to a grand jury about 2001 shooting outside a New York City radio station. Police alleged the non-fatal melee included her bodyguard. At press time, she remains free on bail.

Kim plans to drop a new album of her greatest hits and highlight emerging talent.

The Queen B Royalty Watch is expected in national retail outlets this summer.