Lil Kim Finishing New Album

Lil Kim is putting the final touches on her latest

album, titled Hollyhood.. She recently cut tracks with Timbaland, as

well as group/production team Full Force. While members of the group wouldn't

reveal the name of the song, group member Bowlegged Lou was confident that Lil

Kim's fans will like the song.

"I don't even want to say the title of

the joint or even give u an idea of what type of joint it is," Bowlegged

Lou told "Just rest assure that once again Full Force will

surprise the musical masses and so will Kim. We personally recruited Lil Kim

to work with us the first time when we produced a cut off the new 3LW album

entitled "I Like That (I Want That). Kim came in and blazed that song.

We might be doing another joint with her as well for this album."

Despite criticism for being too raunchy, Kim

said she would not be changing her image anytime soon. "I don’t think

my image is dirty,” Kim said in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister

magazine. “If it’s what helped me get here and if that’s what

the people love, then why would I want to clean it up? That makes no sense."

Despite her racy image, Lou said that Kim was

still a "prolific lyricist."

"Kim is such a versatile performer and so

multidimensional when it comes to hip hop," Lou continued. "She's

still a raw, gritty talent, still one of the hottest rappers on the earth. She's

so much more than a sexy persona, she's one of the most down to earth people

we ever met in this business."

She's been releasing just small teasers right

now to mix tapes and what not, but they're just appetizers."

Full Force was conspicuously absent from the

black music scene after releasing several albums and producing smash singles

by Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam. The group went on to produce songs for The

Backstreet Boys, N*Sync and Brtiney Spears and are now returning to their hip-hop