Lil Kim Holds Off On Hollyhood, Will Be An "American Dream"

Lil Kim is taking

her time releasing her Hollyhood clothing line, despite having three separate

offers on the table.

"That's not

something I want to rush into," Kim told "I take serious

pride in my clothing. I want to make sure I have the right deal. I kinda held

back, because I want it to be perfect."

Kim couldn't pin

point the exact date the clothing line what hit stores, but said that the brand

may be on shelves as early as next year.

Kim will also appear

in an episode of the NBC television show "American Dreams."

The show focuses

on a Philadelphia family in the 60's and the plight of a young girl, whose goal

is to become a dancer on "American Bandstand."

The rapper will

play R&B legend Shirley Ellis, who sang 1965's big hit, "The Name Game."