Lil' Kim Hosting Online Celebrity Auction

Rapper Lil' Kim is

sponsoring a national online celebrity charitable auction, which will support

various homeless, HIV/AIDS and abuse organizations.Lil'

Kim, along with the James Family, Ludacris' Ludacris Foundation and FOX, will

launch the auction online starting Apr. 12 - Apr. 15.Ludacris,

LeBron James, Mo'Nique, Ludacris, Dr. Phil, Mary J. Blige and Kimora Lee Simmons

are among the participants in the auction, which is being held in conjunction

with The National Alliance to End Abuse, a Washington D.C. based organization

aimed at eliminating teen dating violence and family violence through intervention

and proactive prevention, extensive community education and victim assistance.


sort of become the place where celebrities come to have their passion meet their

purpose," said Jean Chouteau serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic

Planning for The Alliance. "As a non-profit we are happy to facilitate that

collaboration. Like minded partnerships are critical to solidify when it means

reaching those in need, and it helps to have FOX as a partner. Our programs are

always unique and inspired and result oriented...we don't see limitations."On

Apr. 12, Lil' Kim and Chouteau will appear on Good Day New York to reveal more

details about the auction. For more information, visit