Lil Kim In Talks To Star In "National Lampoon's Bouncers"

Lil Kim is in negotiations to star opposite Vivica

Fox, Brian B-Fine" George, Paul Anthony George and "Bowlegged Lou"

George in Full Force Films' new movie, "National Lampoon's Bouncers."

Full Force and their film partners will produce

the movie with their film partners Wayne Mogél and Juan Carlos Zapata

of Street Alien Pictures.

The movie centers around three brothers who are

released from prison after being framed. They become bouncers at a local night

club, Fantasy House.

Vivica Fox will play the character of "Fine

Ass Debbie" while Lil Kim is in negotiations to play Vivica's cousin "Starlight."

The film will start shooting in New York City

before the end of the year.