Lil Kim Indicted By Grand Jury

Rapper Lil Kim is facing perjury charges after allegedly

lying to investigators about a February 2001 shooting that took place in front

of Hot 97's offices in Manhattan.

The rapper is expected to surrender to authorities

on charges related to the shooting. Kim is among five people indicted by a grand


Kim and two other people are expected to turn

themselves in today as well. The other two are already incarcerated.

Police claim a feud between Lil Kim and Foxy Brown sparked the daylight shoot

out. Authorities suspect one of the trigger men drove back to Kim's home and

dumped the weapons.

Kim told authorities she didn't know what led

to the shoot out. Police searched her midtown offices on Monday (April 12) where

according to sources, she reached a deal with prosecutors to surrender today.

Sources stated that Kim's arrest is part of an

ongoing FBI investigation into crimes in the rap industry.

In related news, Kim is slated to perform alongside

Twista and Fabolous at a Memorial Day concert in Ocala, Florida. Organizers

expect at least 12,000 people to attend.