Lil' Kim, Other Inmates Locked-Down After Cell Phone Smuggling Incident

The Philadelphia

unit where Lil' Kim and other women prisoners are being housed is on lock-down,

after a visitor attempted to smuggle in a cell phone.

Over half of the

female population in the Federal Detention Center has been on lock-down since

April 21.

FDC Authorities

refused to comment on the case, but sources said they were investigating a rumor

that a phone had been snuck in for Lil' Kim, or that the phone was intended

for her use.

Lil' Kim's lawyer

James J. Leonard Jr. denied claims that the Brooklyn rapper was involved in

the incident.

"The rumors

that Kim was using a cell phone or had someone sneak a cell phone into the prison

for her are completely untrue," Leonard told "While

her unit is on lock-down and has been since April 21, the reason for the lockdown

has nothing to do with Kim."

Leonard also said

that Kim received the standard 300 phone minutes per month like every other

prisoner and that she has been a model inmate.

In addition to

being locked down, Lil' Kim and other inmates also had their visitor privileges

revoked for an undetermined amount of time.