Lil Kim Pleads Not Guilty

Lil Kim pleaded not guilty to charges that she lied

to a grand jury about a daylight shoot-out in Manhattan that left one man wounded.

Kim is free on $500,000 bond, after surrendering

in a federal court in New York. Kim's attorney called the charges baseless.

She refused to comment on the charges, which allegedly stem from a dispute between her and rapper Foxy Brown, who was not

present at the scene of the shooting outside of Hot 97's offices.

Also charged were Kim's manager Damion Butler,

bodyguard Suif Jackson and a friend, Monique Dopwell, who all pleaded innocent

as well.

Prosecutors allege that Kim refused to tell police

the identities of anyone that was with her at the radio station.

She testified on three occasions before a federal

grand jury that Butler was not at the radio station the day of the shooting

and that she didn't know Jackson.

Prosecutors pointed to album notes, in which

she thanked Jackson and claimed that all three were members of Junior M.A.F.I.A.