Lil Kim Ready To Beef With Nicki Minaj: 'I'ma Bite You'

(AllHipHop News) The feud between rappers Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj intensified last night (June 10th), when Lil Kim made a surprise appearance at a local Detroit club to address the matter. Lil Kim performed a variety of her hits during a show at a club named Blondie’s when she addressed Nicki Minaj, whom she claims has ripped off her style. With the help of a back up dancer, Lil Kim put on a blonde bob-weave.“Yall know where this came from. I love when people copy me, that’s a compliment. But when you bust shots at me and throw pebbles at me like as if I don’t even exist and you don’t see me standing here, I’ma bite you. I’ma bite you,” Lil Kim promised, before launching into her hit single “Crush on You.”In published interviews, Lil Kim has denied being the aggressor in the escalating war of words between herself and Nicki Minaj, who is now being managed by Kim’s former mentor, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Lil Kim claims that Nicki Minaj has been taking subliminal shots at her over the last year, during interviews and on various records. She also took issue with Nicki Minaj remaking her famous posters promoting her album Hard Core in addition to rhyming over Lil Kim’s songs, early in her career.Additionally, in an interview with, Lil Kim pointed to a tweet where Nicki Minaj said "f**k all the Lil Kim fans." Nicki Minaj’s label mate Drake recently took up for her during an interview with MTV earlier this week. "Lil' Kim is a G in the game. She's part of an era that's classic, that we'll never forget as young kids, me and Nicki,” Drake said, adding that he didn’t respect Lil Kim’s “beef” approach to her issue with Nicki Minaj.Lil Kim shot down Drake’s explanation, pointing to Nicki Minaj’s unprovoked insults, in addition to a backstage incident in which she slighted the rapper, similar to an incident involving Hip-Hop legend Eric B..“I don’t go off for no f**king reason, aight,” Lil Kim told the crowd. “If I go off, it’s a reason behind it. I spread love and I love my ladies. And I love for us to get along in the game. But you not gonna come in this game and s**t on me and take my s**t and run with the s**t. And I’m gonna tell these motherf**kers. I’m ready cause I hope they ready.In related news, Lil Kim was recently named the spokes model for the Purple label 3 Olive Vodka and is part of the “Purple” advertising campaign. Lil Kim is currently on a promotional tour across the United States this month, followed by dates in Canada, as well as Australia in July.