Lil Kim Rep Explains Attempted Repossession

Lil’ Kim’s finances aren’t in question after a repo man went on her property in an attempt to repossess an extravagant silver Bentley from the rapper, sources for the rapper say.Although she has been fairly low-key, Lil’ Kim’s (real name Kimberly Jones) financial status is not an issue as suggested by the attempted seizure that has made the rounds through viral videos in the internet. “The car was a gift, given four years ago. This matter is currently being resolved and is completely out of Kim's hands,” a publicity representative for Lil Kim told pint-sized rapper was ambushed at her own New Jersey home in a sensational report called “Enter The Repo Man” by New York's CW11.The Bentley payments are 4-5 months past due, according to the person that attempted to take the car. When a reporter attempted to get comment from Kim, who was off camera, the rapper said, “Oh please. Get the f**k out of here. You are so f***in’ ridiculous." In the story, reporters suggested that Lil’ Kim was experiencing financial difficulty, as were other individuals in the news segment. The report said vehicle repossessions are “surging” amid a looming recession in the United States. The repo man said he hoped Lil’ Kim would simply give him the keys, because “it was the right thing to do.” They didn’t get the automobile.