Lil Kim's $3 Million Mansion Can Be Yours If You Have At Least $100

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Kim's mansion is going up for sale in May.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Kim's luxurious Alpine, New Jersey mansion has gone up for sale in an unbelievable deal.

The Queen Bee's former $2,3 million residence is on the auction block with bids starting as low as $100.

The house fell into foreclosure in 2010 and Lil Kim attempted to reach a deal with the mansion in 2015, but the house ultimately went into foreclosure in 2017.

The sale of her house, which is now worth $3 million, comes on the heels of a $212,000 tax bill the IRS presented the rapper, for failing to pay all of the taxes she earned in 2016.

According to reports, the auctioning off of Lil Kim's mansion is set to take place on May 11.