Lil' Kim's Reps Respond To Bounced Video Check Allegations

A representative for

Lil’ Kim has responded to allegations that a Washington based film company

was never paid for work on a yet-to-be released video from her album, The

Naked Truth.

Kim, who is serving 366 days for lying to a federal grand jury

about a 2001 broad-daylight shootout, worked with May 3rd Films before going

to prison.

Reports surfaced that almost 50 people were never paid for their

labor and that over 18 checks bounced, forcing some of the producers to threaten

legal action.

“Any reports of Lil’ Kim personally bouncing checks

are untrue,” a rep for Lil’ Kim said. “Atlantic Records on

behalf of Lil’ Kim have fulfilled their financial obligations to Kirk

Fraser and May 3rd Films to date.”

May 3rd Films owner Kirk Fraser reportedly promised to pay workers

in September, after The New York Daily News reported that the checks were bouncing.

Lil’ Kim’s handlers further distanced themselves

from the fiasco in the statement.

“Money owed by Fraser or his company to pay its staff

is not Lil’ Kim’s responsibility,” the rep continued. “Upon

being made aware of this incident, she has expressed deep concern about the

situation. Lil’ Kim thanks everyone who was involved in the project for

their hard work and hopes that May 3rd Films will work quickly to resolve this

urgent matter.”

May 3rd Films or

Kirk Fraser were not available for comment as of press time.