Lil Kim's Roomates Charged

Lil' Kim's cohort, Antoine

"Banger" Spain was nabbed by police in a Harlem

drug sweep and admitted he was on the scene during a recent

shoot-out in front of the Hot 97 offices. Lil Cease was also


The two artists

were caught around 8 P.M. on 151st Street in a Porsche that

belongs to Lil Kim. Police watched Cease until he allegedly

bought a bag of marijuana from a dealer and then busted him.

When Spain got out of the car, a .22 pistol fell from his

waist. Both men were arrested. Cease was charged for possessing

a small amount of Marijuana, while Banger was charged with

gun possession.

The shoot-out

allegedly stemmed from a feud between Foxy Brown, who was

not present and Lil Kim, who denied involvement. The limo

that she was riding in was caught on a security video tape

from a neighboring building, slowing down and letting several

men in.

Banger told the police that although he was with the group

of men outside the offices, he knew nothing about the gunplay

and didn't see anyone open fire. The

police have placed at least eight people at the scene of the


Lil Cease and

Banger, both 23, live with Lil Kim in a mansion in New Jersey.