Lil' Kim Sued Over Record Deal

Rapper Lil' Kim has been hit with a $2 million dollar lawsuit, amidst claims she tried to exit her contract with a fledgling entertainment company.

Brookland Media, which was launched by famed Hip-Hop producers The Trackmasters (Tone and Poke), filed the lawsuit in New York County Court.

The lawsuit accuses Lil' Kim of breaching a one-year contractual agreement by demanding a more lucrative deal.

According to the lawsuit, Kim refused to perform unless Brookland agrees to a number of requests, including demands to have Wyclef and Akon added as producers.

In addition to withholding a $200,000 payment to full free Kim from her contract with Atlantic Records, Brookland won an injunction, temporarily preventing Lil' Kim from negotiating with other record labels.

Brookland also claims it invested another $250,000 dollars towards the album and Lil' Kim's career. L. Londell McMillian is representing Lil' Kim, while Jonathan Davis represents Brookland.