Lil' Kim Takes Stand, Says She Doesn't Recall Seeing Gunman

Lil’ Kim took the stand today (March 10) in her federal trial for allegedly

lying to a federal grand jury about a 2001 shootout in front of Hot 97 in New


Kim portrayed the two gunmen,

former manager Damien “D-Rock” Butler and associate Suif “Gutta”

Jackson as greedy thieves who could not be trusted, while attempting to prove

she had no motive to protect either man.

“I was a victim,”

Kim testified. "I couldn't believe I was being badgered the way I was.”

On Thursday, Kim again revealed

that she did not recall seeing Butler on the day of the shooting. She said before

she knew it, bullets were flying and she was pulled into her limo.

Kim admitted that she had

broken off her relationship with both men at least two years before the shooting

took place.

“They were taking

advantage of me, they were stealing from me," Kim testified. "It was

having a major effect on my career. I just didn't want a bunch of negativity

around me."

Prosecutors charge Lil’

Kim and her assistant with lying to a federal grand jury when quizzed about

the shootout, after being granted full immunity from prosecution.

Statements from other witnesses,

including Lil’ Cease and Capone, have described a chaotic scene, with

bullets flying everywhere.

At least 30 bullets were

fired from six different guns.

"Definitely very traumatic,"

Kim said of the shootout. "I was shaken by it. I couldn't believe it was

happening at that very moment."

While Kim originally denied

knowing the suspects, prosecutors produced surveillance footage of Kim jumping

into her limo with some of the suspects.

Both Butler and Jackson

testified during the trial and admitted to having a lengthy relationship with

the platinum selling rapper.

The entire incident started

as Lil’ Kim’s entourage was leaving Hot 97’s offices as Capone-N-Noreaga’s

group members were entering.

Kim’s entourage took

offense to various insults hurled at Lil’ Kim on “Bang, Bang,”

by Foxy Brown, who made a guest appearance on the song.

The shooting left an associate

of Capone-N-Noreaga with a gunshot wound to the upper back.

Jackson was sentenced to

12 years for the shooting, while Butler is awaiting sentencing.

If convicted, Lil’

Kim faces 30 years behind bars.