"Lil' Kim: The Ladies Speak up on Verdict" Response

The following is an educated opinion with a few references of common sense so if you are offended…you should read it twice.

I am responding to the article, “Lil’ Kim: The Ladies Speak up on Verdict”. While the well written display of solidarity is pleasing and Lil’ Kim’s situation may provoke sympathy, we can not let ourselves displace blame. She made a choice and now faces the consequences. Let’s call it what it is. She tried to play the legal system and despites her honorable intentions, crapped out.

Stuck a nerve? Let’s be real. We know the world we live in. We have to set aside delusions that the system is responsible when we knowingly break the rules. Knowing the system has rarely shown us favor… word to MJ, if you put your ass out there…should we really shed tears for you. Charge it to the game, but the consequences are yours to bear, even if they are yours alone.

It’s like how cats on my block do ‘hand to hand’ in broad daylight with no regard that cops make 50 grand a year to arrest them … it’s their own fault. But ask one of them when he is locked down and you’ll hear how the system made them do it.

We have to take responsibility for choices. Our parents didn’t accept society making us do the wrong things as an excuse when we were children so how credibly can these same words fall from the mouths of grown ass men and women. To say the system made you do it undermines your ability to think for yourself. So who makes your decisions? That’s what I thought.

Do I respect the fact she chose not the snitch on her friends at the time? Of course, but I don’t feel sorry for her. She chose to bear these consequences knowing that there was a possibility that she would be convicted. Unfortunately, she would not receive reciprocity from those she sought to protect.

She thought taking on the legal system was a team sport, but according to the testimony given, it was every man for his self.

Accept it, Lil Kim chose this. Blame the men who were shooting. Blame the artists who snitched on her. You can even blame her for not knowing her friends from her enemies. However, to blame the system is to belittle her sacrifice in name that something that most hold dear....loyalty.

Kim will always be the Queen Bee and however misguided her loyalty, she proved one thing my pops told me when I was a child. All women ain’t bitches, but a lot of men are.