Lil Mo Has Questions About Fabolous/Emily Beating Reports

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Mo is questioning this whole domestic violence thing involving Fabolous.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Mo has offered some insight into Fabolous' state of mind just after he was accused of brutally assaulting his girlfriend Emily B.

Lil Mo, who collaborated with Fab on the hit singles "Superwoman" and "Can't Let You Go," said Fab was appreciative of her giving him a phone to call to check on him.

"I was just talking to him," Lil Mo told Revolt TV on March 30, just days before a video of an angry Fabolous surfaced, showing him threatening Emily and her father.

"He's good. I hit him up and said 'I love you.' He hit me back and said 'I love you too and I appreciate you, Mo,'" she said.

The 40-year-old rapper was involved in a confrontation with Emily at their home in Edgewood, New Jersey, where the rapper allegedly assaulted her, resulting in the loss of her two front teeth.

Lil Mo stood by the rapper, who has been charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

According to Mo, something didn't seem right with the accusations that have been leveled at Fabolous.

"I don't know the logistics. Honestly, even though I'm a part of the culture, I don't get involved in [gossip]. I know a lot of stuff is hype. How did they get this information? People have turned this thing from one thing to another. What the f##k is going on?"

"Something's not adding up," Lil Mo said. "Yall had time to get guns up out of there, b##ch you aint have time to leave? I don't know what's going, but right now its not my business or my place. My only loyalty is to him. And if that is the situation, then this is going to take some serious damage control."
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Who would authorize pics to be released of an ass whipping of themselves? That you immediately called her a bytch and claimed that she is lying is a part of the issue in our culture. Unless you have a personal relationship with them, youre dead wrong. We are reading the reports and going off whats being presented. To lie about getting your teeth knocked out is a pretty silly lie wouldnt you agree? Face value until we know more. No assumptions.


She didn't say shyt wrong, they say he beat her and knocked out her teeth and everyone just believes he did it. Then they put out a video of them arguing outside and people act as if they watched him beat her senseless right then and there smh, this shyt is ridiculous!! So easy to just turn our backs on a Brother over some he said she said... Yall think there wouldnt be pictures floating aroud by now no of the damage he did. I mean, she doing radio and blog interviews but where's ya photographic evidence that he did all these monstrous things to you. That bytch is lying and been pathetic. She been crawling up under his ass for years now, clingy & insecure, her Daddy failed by not raising her to love herself more than she love a nigga who don't love her like she love him.


Exactly. She's old enough to speak better and know better.


lets hope lil mo new man don't give her a 2 piece one day...