Lil Nas X Says Sudden Fame Is Messing With His Head

AllHipHop Staff

The young rapper is having a hard time dealing with his new found fame and wealth.

(AllHipHop News) Rap superstar Lil Nas X has revealed his sudden success has taken a toll on his mental health.

Lil Nas X is featured on the cover of Time magazine, thanks to the incredible success of his hit single "Old Town Road."

The pressure to keep up with the song, which is the longest-running #1 single in the history of the music business, has been "overwhelming" at times for the young rapper.

“I just shut down on everybody–I’m still a loner in a lot of ways," Lil Nas X explained, revealing he suffers from anxiety.

Lil Nas X isn't sitting around weeping though.

He's been busy dropping new songs like "Panini" and "Rodeo" as he also capitalizes off the unbelievable success of "Old Town Road."

Lil Nas X is also mindful of how fickle success can be.

"Seeing digital numbers, it’s a good feeling. It goes so quickly, though,” Lil Nas X told Time. “You have to keep going.”