Lil Peep's Boy Arrested For Dealing Heroin And Fentanyl

One of Lil Peep's close associates is in big trouble for dealing deadly drugs.

(AllHipHop News) A friend of tragic LIl Peep has been arrested in New York for his alleged involvement in the death of a young woman shortly after the rapper's funeral.

Michael Jones was taken into custody earlier this week and charged with distributing heroin and fentanyl.

Sources said the drugs resulted in the death of a woman, named Diana Haikova, who Jones allegedly met at a hotel party following Lil Peep's funeral on December 2 of 2017.

Cops found her dead at her apartment two days later, and they believe Jones was the one who supplied the drugs that killed her.

Lil Peep, 21, died after overdosing on Xanax and fentanyl, although many other drugs were found in his system.

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Michael Jones is actually black


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