Lil Pump And His Mom Investigated Over Shooting In Apartment

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Pump has been sent to juvenile lock up and his mom is facing charges too.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Pump is in some serious trouble with the law, after being accused of firing a gun at a house.

According to reports, police were called to the rap star's apartment in the San Fernando Valley yesterday (February 15), after his manager called and claimed a group of men were attempting to forcibly enter his apartment.

The "Gucci Gang" rapper claimed that as the men attempted to enter his apartment they let off shots, and he returned fire.

As police investigated, they noticed a bullet had been fired through the front door, from inside the house.

The cops recovered a handgun in the bushes beneath the balcony of the 17-year-old's apartment, along with some ammunition and marijuana inside of the residence, which Lil Pump shares with his mother.

Police sent Lil Pump to a juvenile detention center and released him on house arrest, as they investigate the incident.

Pump's managers claims one of the suspected intruders was hit, but police believe the rapper may have accidentally fired the gun himself.

Lil Pump's mom is being investigated for endangering a minor and having an unsecured gun at home.

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Welp if the story he told is true then his street cred begins either way he protected his shit as he should if cats try to get in most these rappers house they ain't gon do shit but lay down. I ain't no fan of dude but I respect him trying to protect what is his especially with moms there. Even she souljah was getting clowned for his story the reality is he let off on cats trying to take his while alot of rappers just talk...Gucci mane, Tray D etc....These niggaz live to tell their story so that gets respect....if a nigga is defending themselves that's what's up....not on that dumb shit just defending some shit...