Lil Reese Prays To Get His Voice Back After Almost Getting Killed

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Reese hit up Instagram to let everyone know how he has lost his voice after getting shot in the neck last month.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Reese has a long road to recovery after he was almost killed in a broad daylight shooting last month.

Lil Reese was shot in the neck on November 12th, after a gunman opened fire in the middle of traffic in a suburb of Chicago.

According to reports, the gunman riddled Reese's vehicle with at least a dozen shots. One of the bullets struck Lil Reese in the neck, seriously injuring the rapper.

Lil Reese was back on Instagram five days later, where he showed off a nasty neck wound and claimed the shooting would make him bigger than 50 Cent.

But in a somber post over the weekend, Lil Reese revealed his rap career might be on hold indefinitely since he has completely lost his voice.

Meanwhile, the police say they are closing in on the suspect who pulled off the brazen shooting and they have recovered the vehicle used to hunt down Lil Reese.

According to Country Club Hills Public Safety Director William Brown, an arrest warrant for the suspect in the shooting could be announced this week.

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Praying to who....the devil??? He think "God" is gonna "bless" him with his voice back so he can continue rapping about death, destroying communities and turning children on to the streets? LOL


God took his voice, for a reason...keeps Reese from starting more beef and violence


I would leave Chicago if I was him, head to la


Lil dude ignant tho