Lil Romeo Hit With Lawsuit

Lil Romeo’s

album Gametime is the subject of a lawsuit over claims that the author

of some of the album’s material was never compensated or credited for his


Sean Cunningham

claims that he wrote six songs on the album, one that appeared in a motion picture

titled “Max Keeble’s Big Move” that featured a cameo by Romeo,

son of No Limit mogul Master P.

The lawsuit was

filed in the Federal District Court in Houston, Texas. The lawsuit names Lil

Romeo, Master P., Master P. Music LLC, One Up Entertainment, Universal Music

Group and Buena Vista Home Entertainment as defendants.

In addition to

claims of not being properly credited, Cunningham also claims that Lil Romeo

copied his style.


lawsuit claims he was not paid to be a ghostwriter for the album and is seeking

an undisclosed amount.

The case will go

to trial on March 5, 2005.