Lil' Scrappy Questioned In Shooting

Carrollton, Georgia

police questioned Lil’ Scrappy this morning after an argument on the stage

led to a fight and shooting.

Two people were

wounded earlier this morning after the altercation took place at Club 31, as

students from State University of West Georgia celebrated the upcoming homecoming


Scrappy said people

on the stage were involved in a verbal confrontation and during the melee, bottles

were thrown on the dance floor and at least three shots were fired.

The two people

were injured, but reports suggested the injuries were not life threatening.

Scrappy was questioned

and released around 5 am this morning. Police are still investigating.

Last year, Lil’

Scrappy, an artist on Lil’ Jon’s BME label, found himself in trouble

after an altercation with Orlando, Florida police.

In that incident,

an officer, Richard Bailey Jr. was accused of pushing Lil' Scrappy off of the

stage and into the crowd, resulting in a huge fight and the arrest of the rapper’s


Bailey was subsequently

investigated for his role in the incident and Scrappy filed a $250 million dollar

lawsuit against the police department.