Lil Scrappy Reportedly Won't Face Criminal Charges For Car Accident In Miami

Scrap and his friend are still recovering from the wreck.

(AllHipHop News) A horrific crash in Miami left Lil Scrappy and a friend hospitalized. According to reports, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will not be facing criminal charges connected to the incident.

Scrappy and Ca$ino Roulette were discovered outside the car on Sunday after they hit a utility pole. Surveillance footage captured the one-vehicle accident, but investigators apparently didn't find any evidence of drugs or alcohol use.

Roulette was originally accused of falling asleep at the wheel. However, authorities believe that Scrappy was actually driving.

While the "No Problem" rhymer is not looking at jail time at the moment, police could possibly pursue a criminal case against Lil Scrappy if Roulette died as a result of the wreck. Ca$ino's was taken to the ICU, but his current condition is not public knowledge.

Scrappy recently posted on Instagram:

Man God is great I can’t even show u the car o, thank God for given me a fam and people that rides with me @casinoroulette in here hurt too we f-cked up but God saved our lives #Godisgreat #Mercy #Grace im blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive thanks big God #hospitalflow thank u to my moms too who came and made sure her Baybay aight and my mother in law came thru thank you too