Lil Scrappy’s Friend Reportedly Planning To File A Lawsuit Over Car Accident

Ca$ino Roulette starts a crowdfunding campaign for his recovery.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Scrappy is reportedly cleared from criminal charges related to a one-car accident in Miami. However, there could be a civil case against the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star.

Ca$ino Roulette was also in the vehicle that crashed into a utility pole. He is said to be pursuing legal action against his friend to cover medical expenses and wage losses.

TMZ reports:

Ca$ino's attorney, Brett L. Schlacter, tells us ... Ca$ino sustained life-altering injuries and is "lucky to be alive." He feels Scrappy was negligent and reckless when he fell asleep at the wheel. Surveillance video of the crash shows they're both damn lucky.

Scrappy was released from a hospital after ongoing surgery on his foot. Roulette spent three days in ICU. He's now recovering in South Carolina from a concussion, broken ribs, and ruptured large intestine as well as bruised lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Ca$ino also started a GoFundMe page to help finance his rehab expenses. He wrote about his injuries on Instagram:

This is MY reality! Imagine waking up in ICU hours later after 2 major surgeries 4 cracked ribs lung contusions with liver and kidney damage not 2 mention excruciating pain in your neck, back & abdomen and YOU was just a passenger in the car with YOUR seat belt on.


Ca$ino Roulette released the following statement to AllHipHop:

Thank you for the opportunity to give MY official statement on the whole ordeal. First of all Lil Scrappy is MY little brother and in no way will I bring harm to MY family! The only reason I got a Florida attorney is because I reside in South Carolina and me not knowing anything about Florida law I was advised by my South Carolina attorney to get a personal injury attorney in that area to handle the insurance company instead of trying to handle it myself especially in my condition. It's crazy so something simple to me seems so complicated to the world. I would think that people would've assumed that from the jump, but nope I guess a lawyer equals lawsuit to most. Nonetheless, for the record, me and Lil Scrappy are good still talk to him on the regular as before. I just ask that people whom are sincere continue to pray for me and my brother and the ones that's not stop being so judgmental of people without knowing them because life is too short!

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sCRAPPY was at FAULT & caused this innocent person hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills & be crippled for life, he should rightfully PAY BIG TIME! #LameAzzRappersTheseDays


you lame as hell you don't care about living only your friends money smh