Lil Shawn Emerges From Prison, Changes Name

The rapper formerly

known as Lil Shawn was recently released from jail after a 5 year bid in a federal

prison and has changed his name to Shawn Pen.

Shawn has inked

a deal with Jimmy Henchmen and Bryce Wilson's Czar Entertainment and is currently

fielding deals from various record labels, including 50 Cent's G-Unit imprint.


not little anymore, that was a childhood nickname,” Shawn Pen told

“I came in the game ghost writing. I met Puff and started writing for Father

MC and several other artists that he hooked me up with, hence the name ‘Pen.’”

Shawn Pen has already

finished dozens of songs for his forthcoming album, has collaborated with Jay-Z

and is fielding various film roles.

“When I was

out before, I didn’t do gangster records because I was really in the streets

and had to be careful about what I said,” Shawn Pen continued.

The rapper said

that completing his stint in prison was a weight off of his shoulders, now that

his freedom has been regained and he has the chance to revive his status in

the hip-hop world.

“It was a

relief,” says Shawn of his regained freedom and the opportunity to revive

his career. “I felt like a weight was lifted off my back because now I

can freely rap about some of the things I've been through in my past without

the threat of getting caught up.”

Shawn put out a

string of hits in the early 90's including “I Made Love 4 The 1st Time”

and “Dom Perignon” featuring The Notorious B.I.G.