Lil Twist Talks New Album, Career, Friendship With Justin Bieber

(AllHipHop News) Lil’ Twist recently took the chance to talk about his debut album Don’t Get It Twisted and also spoke about Lil Wayne and the rest of the Young Money camp.“Just working on the album, still working on that. Trying to get a few more songs for myself because I got a lot of collaborations on there. Meanwhile I’m just working on songs by myself,” Lil Twist told to Lil Twist, the album will feature appearances by the entire Young Money camp, including Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, as well as Justin Bieber, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston and others. The youngest member of the Cash Money/Young Money team has been hard at work on his musical career, since being discovered by manager Cortez Bryant, when he opened up for Lil’ Wayne at a concert in Tyler, Texas.“Wayne had a show in Tyler, like an hour away from Dallas, and I drove down there and I had already known Cortez Bryant and he was like ‘yo, put the little dude on stage,’ and I’ve been down ever since,” Lil Twist said. “Im 17-years-old, I make 18 in January,” Twist told in regards to being the youngest member of the team. “Man it’s a lot of fun and a lot of work also. All of us are different so we all bring our own things to the table. Its really just a family so that really all it is.”Twist, who has nearly 300,000 fans on Twitter, explained the high-profile appearance by Justin Bieber for his debut release. “Justin is like my best friend. We are like brothers for real," Lil Twist told "We just kick it when we don’t have anything to do. “Like this past weekend we didn’t have anything to do so we took a flight to Atlanta. Its good to kick it when we don’t have work to do. Kick it, play basketball, go swimming."Twist also discussed his relationship with Lil Wayne, who is currently serving an 8 month prison sentence on Rikers Island in New York, for a weapon violation. “Yea I talk to Wayne every chance he get and every chance I get," Lil Twist told "My phone line is always open for when he calls. He calls a lot and sometimes he don’t. But when he does he calls for the blogging stuff or when he wants me to update his Twitter or if he wants to check up on me.”“I’ve been listening to Don’t Get it Twisted which doesn’t have a drop date and also I Am Not a Human Being which drops September 27th that’s Wayne's album and it drops on the internet. It Drops on his birthday. It’s going to be a great album, I’m on it so go get it."Lil Twist is also featured in the upcoming comedy Lottery Ticket, which stars Bow Wow, Ice Cube, Naturi Naughton, Terry Crews and others.